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Tim Dawson


I pretty much fell into the radio thing.  In college I needed another major to go along with Spanish, and latched onto Telecommunications.  Even then, for a while I couldn't find anything I wanted to do for the rest of my life that actually paid the bills.  Eventually, I interned at STAR 88.3 in 1992 and that did the trick!  God totally lined everything up and I worked here for sixteen years.  In the middle of all that I moved out from my parents (finally), got married and had a couple of kids.  Then 2008 came and God changed everything again when we moved to Quito, Ecuador.

Along the way we had our last child in Costa Rica and worked with HCJB Global to train radio broadcasters all over The Americas and provide medical care to needy people (my wife's a doc).  We had an incredible 4 1/2 years and sometimes it's tough being back here since returning in July, 2012.  Living in Quito was incredible, with snow-capped volcanoes all around us, hot springs only a couple of hours away and a bread shop on every block.  We really miss it and miss the friends we made.   Our little kids learned Spanish fluently and we're still amazed when we hear them speak it.

I love traveling and I've been to over 20 countries and can recommend the best place to eat in about 40 airports.

I was born and raised here in Fort Wayne and went to Carroll High School.  I'm an IU grad and I've been a Cubs fan forever, even when they stink.  You can't just trade your team for another, even if they don't play well (almost everyone has a crazy uncle, but he's still your uncle). 

I'm very happy to be back at STAR 88.3 and see the station's impact the most when my kids sing along to the songs in the back of the car.  They're going to learn something, right? 

Thanks for welcoming me back!

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