Parkview Regional Medical Center opens March 17



Parkview Regional Medical Center opens March 17

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 — Today, Parkview officials led a media tour inside the new Parkview Regional Medical Center which will open to patients on Saturday, March 17.

Media guests learned about and viewed aspects of the new center that are designed to provide a homelike feel for patients and families. Efforts to promote hope, confidence and healing include noise reduction and nutritional food items including room service for patients and a restaurant-style dining area for the public on the main floor of the facility. There is original artwork throughout the entire building, including many pieces by local artists. In addition, the front lobby welcomes patients and visitors with windows, natural light and a water feature that produces a peaceful, calming environment.

Clinical examples include:

Smart Rooms
*A nurse tracking and call system allows caregivers to be located and signaled when needed.
*There are over-bed lifts in every room. This allows patients to be moved in and out of their beds in a safe manner.
*Equipped with swinging “boom” arms that keep equipment off the floor. The booms are attached to the ceiling, so they can be easily moved for easier access to the patient.

Smart Beds
*Can detect side rail positions and the height of the bed to ensure safety for the patient.
*Equipped with the ability to weigh patients.
*Furnished with therapeutic mattresses to provide patients with supportive, comfortable care.

*There are 22 robots to deliver food, medicine, linens, supplies, and equipment throughout the facility.
*Travel wirelessly down hallways, elevators and employee corridors. Robots will halt progress if a person or obstacle is in their path.
*Allows caregivers to spend more time with patients.
Parkview Heart Institute
*New hybrid labs house the most updated technology of its kind available anywhere in the country. These specialized surgical and catheterization suites allow for multiple procedures to be done in a single location.

Advanced Imaging Systems
New imaging equipment will make diagnostic procedures faster and less invasive for patients and more thorough for physicians.

Enhanced Trauma Area
The design of the emergency area will lead to maximum collaboration, decreased noise and increased patient privacy.

Parkview Regional Medical Center highlights:
*$536 million investment
*The current build-out of areas on the 3rd and 7th floors is an additional investment of $14 million
*446 beds with all private rooms           
*Specialty centers for heart, orthopedics, cancer, women’s & children’s services, and outpatient services
*Adult and pediatric trauma centers
*Samaritan flight program
*Intensive care units – adult and pediatric
*Full-service 24/7 ER

Parkview Regional Medical Center by the numbers:
*Six acres of roof area
*Over one million square feet
*8,250 tons of steel
*2,050 plumbing fixtures
*32 miles of ventilation ductwork
*400 miles of fiber optic cable
*1,200 miles of copper wire
*1.1 million square feet of parking and roads
*3,550 parking spaces
*Over 3 million worked man-hours occurred
*More than 3,600 construction workers were on the job site over the course of the project
*More than 700 pieces of artwork

Public tours will be offered this week. The tours will be held from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Saturday, March 3 and 12:30-3 p.m. Sunday, March 4. Guests should enter at entrance 1 at Parkview Regional Medical Center, 11109 Parkview Plaza Drive.

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